In my on-going commitment to help my clients reach their highest potential, I have experienced some amazing healers. I hope this list helps you with your journey.

Karen Abrams – Theta Healing
I worked with Karen on a particular issue that had me up at night tossing and turning. Like we all do, I did my best to let go of it in my own way but it just wasn't happening. I had one session with Karen about it and felt it lift away. When I was later confronted with the situation again, I was calm, cool and unemotional. Her gifted work allowed me to gain a piece of myself back.

John Buse, MA – Psychotherapy
When I first met John, I knew he had a heart felt gift for helping people get in touch with themselves and their loved ones. Although I have not personally experienced Imago Therapy, the energy I feel around is incredible. I have referred many people across the country to Imago Therapy and those who have chosen to pursue it, have all been quite pleased with the work they accomplished on themselves and their relationships.

SkinSpirit – Medi-Spa
Skin Spirit is this amazing spa in Palo Alto. I've had the wonderful opportunity to experience their highly competent and skilled medical staff do a number of treatments. The energy in their office and treatment space is so warm and comforting. I knew from the moment I arrived, I was going to be well taken care of.

Terry Brussel-Gibbons – Hypnotherapy
I have spent the last year working with Terry on a variety of topics from writer's block to setting boundaries to weight management and I have been extremely pleased with my results. Terry is not a miracle worker unto herself. She demands that I do my share of the work but through her gentle yet firm guidance and hypnotherapy techniques, I have greatly improved my productivity and my well-being.