David began giving readings as a teenager when his mother gave him his first deck of Tarot cards more than 25 years ago, and thus began a life-long journey of research and study. For many years he has pursed intensive instruction in various metaphysical systems, rituals, and doctrines including The Kabbalah, Buddhism, Native American Spirituality, Spiritual Response Therapy, Matrix Energetics, as well some Celestial and Earth Magick. David believes by personally experiencing these many different spiritual systems, he can more easily connect with his clients.

David’s readings reflect his knowledge and deep insight into human nature. He speaks with the confidence his years of experience and wisdom have brought. His readings are tempered with humor, warmth, and kindness. His intense love for assisting those who seek his counsel drives him to be as accurate, direct, and as honest as psychically possible.

David uses his gifts as a psychic, Medium, and clairvoyant to assist his clients in all areas of concern from the complexities of interpersonal relationships to delicate career decisions. He is also an adept dream interpreter and has had much success with finding lost objects.

When Dave was based in the Hollywood area, his client list naturally contains many easily recognizable names and faces of actors, screenwriters, film producers, and network television executives. But now David resides in Dallas Texas and also reads for financial planners, teachers, housewives, and captains of industry. He feels that everyone can benefit from a little foresight in their lives.

David has made guest appearances on the nationally syndicated television show Beyond with James Van Praagh and was a regular panelist on the cable access show Perspectives. He has also lectured at the Learning Annex’s annual Meet the Psychics, Meet the Healers.

“I am all about helping you reach your highest potential!”
— David Tillman