What’s the difference between a 30 minute and 1-hour session?? You can use the time however you’d like, but a typical 30-minute session includes an overview on career, love, health, and of course, your destiny and other spiritual issues. His fee is $125. If you plan to ask about your children, your parents, and/or several loved ones who’ve passed, have a long list of questions, or want to go into greater depth regarding your spirituality and your destiny, Dave suggests you book a 1-hour session, but, of course, that’s entirely up to you. That fee is $225.

Does Dave tape the sessions?? Yes, Dave digitally records the session. In this way, the two of you can concentrate on the reading and get the most information for yourself.

Does he do shorter sessions?? Dave does follow-up 15-minute sessions. These sessions are usually reserved for people who have seen him before and only have 1 or 2 issues to resolve and are looking for a little insight and inspiration. The standard rate for these sessions is $65.

What if I have just one question? Dave will answer one question via email for $25.

Why would I use Dave as a Life Coach? Over the years of doing his job, Dave has found when certain clients are facing an ongoing challenge such as a divorce, career change, or a legal battle, they need extra insight on a regular basis to stay focused to overcome or to succeed in their endeavors.

How do I prepare for my session with Dave?? Prepare some questions or topics you’d like to discuss. You can ask Dave anything you’d like career, love life, soul mates, health, past lives, etc. The more questions you ask while on a particular topic, the more answers Dave is going to get for you.

Is it better to see Dave in person?? While Dave really enjoys meeting his clients face-to-face, he feels his phone readings are just as accurate as his “in-person” sessions. Psychic messages are conveyed in electro-magnetic waves and so is a phone call; therefore it’s sometimes easier for him to read over the phone.

How do I book a session?? Once you have decided how much time you’d like to book, either call: (323) 610-0161 or e-mail: psychicdave@aol.com. If you are booking over the phone, please have your credit card handy. It will be taken to hold the time of the reading. The charge will not be put through until the week of your scheduled session. Upon confirmation of your session, your phone number will be taken and Dave will call you at the agreed-upon time.

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